Die Stadtschreiberei im ersten Stock

In the sixteenth century, the „Stadtschreiber“ or town clerk, one of the most important officers of the city, reigned from this very room.

Would you like to dine like the city councilmen of yore at one long table? Or would you rather celebrate intimately in small groups at individual tables? Either way, the „Stadtschreiberei“ accomodates just over a
dozen people in this special and private setting.

Whether you’re planning an elegant banquet or an exclusive dinner, let yourself be enchanted by the soothing atmosphere of the red-paneled room with its historical frieze encircling the space.
And let yourself be spoiled by our service. In other words, it’s an
excellent place to dine and toast to your guests. Cheers to conviviality!

  • Hofer der Stadtwirt - Die Stadtschreiberein im ersten Stock