Das Gotisches Gewölbe im Untergeschoß

As recently as two-hundred years ago the cellar housed the wine barrles for the city’s own wine repository. Today, this beautifully whitewashed, vaulted room from the late gothic period, is an inviting spot for an ultra cozy feast.

The front part  of the cellar, the "Burggewoelbe" lends itself to larger festivities or formal wine tastings. The rear part, the "Dienergewoelbe",
is just a bit smaller and perfectly seats a large group in the round.

This is also the site for our occasional feasts with a traditional medieval menu. To set the proper context, these banquets are guided, by an elegant, local artistocratic lady.

The entire cellar accomodates over one-hundred guests. Candles and beautiful, wall-mounted sconces create a romantic setting in which to really celebrate.

  • Hofer der Stadtwirt - Das Gotische Gewölbe