Der Laubenhof mit Schneck

Our inner courtyard „Laubenhof"is a secluded oasis in the middle of Munich’s historic oldtown. Depending on your mood you can find reprieve under the arcades or just under the clear blue sky with a view of the historic walls that create an almost mediterranen feeling.  

Here you find yourself in one of the oldest spots in Munich. The „Snail“, rules one corner of the courtyard. The Snail is a tower built in the late middle ages from porous, tufaceous rock and is named for its interior staircase that winds upwards in a spiral reminiscent of snail’s shell.
And the „Conoisseur’s Fountain“ quietly murmurs in the middle of the courtyard.

Here too, you can order whatever your heart desires. Enjoy a pint of hefeweizen, a glass of wine or one of the specialities from our menu.
The kitchen is open until after 11:00 pm since the balmy summer
evenings are the very best times in our courtyard. So come and enjoy!

  • Hofer der Stadtwirt - Der Laubenhof mit Schneck